Ep 3: Ever Dream of Visiting Africa?​ ​​Start With Ghana. w/Rashad McCrorey

Have you ever dreamed about visiting Africa? Have you ever felt a yearning in your spirit? A yearning calling you to visit the motherland? In January of 2015, I answered my yearning by visiting Ghana. As soon as my foot touched that sweet African soil I knew my life would never be the same. My name is Rashad McCrorey, allow my team and I the honor of making this dream come true by  sharing  a Ghanian experience you will never forget. Experience the culture, landscape, and people of Ghana as we discuss contemporary and global issues such as: Human Rights, Liberation Theology, Social Justice & Spirituality. We hope you join us, learn with us, and grow with us, find out why our motto is “Too Black, Too Strong”.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love this country. And if you’ve ever taken a look at my blog you may be familiar with the time I spent there while in college. My trip to Ghana was my first time overseas and the first time I knew what it felt like to be surrounded on all sides by people who looked just like me. The time I spent there was one of the most profound times of my life, and way too short. But it planted a seed that is still being watered and blooming to this day.

When I learned about Rashad McCrorey’s trips to Ghana I rushed to his website, wanting to check out what he was offering. The pictures of Cape Coast Castle, Boti Falls, and Nkrumah Memorial Park brought back memories that are always at the forefront of my mind. Eventually, Rashad and I connected and he began to share what he had to offer. Not only does he build all-inclusive trips to Ghana, he’s also an author, life coach, and motivational speaker.

As you’ll hear in the interview, Rashad mentions that he has some views that may cause a bit of controversy. And although we agreed not to discuss politics, this compelling conversation does take that turn for a moment! We chat about his first trip to Ghana, the desire of other Black Americans to visit and repatriate there, and his most recent trip where he felt as if there was a transfer of energy as he stepped onto the plane to return to the U.S.


Listen in as we chat about his company, GH Cross Culture, how he creates an opportunity for cultural exchange through affordable, tailor-made experiences, and how this business venture began in the first place.
We also chat a bit about some of his other travels, the publishing company he’s forming and touch on a few social issues.

While you’re listening be sure to check out McCrorey Publishing and support if you can.

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