Ep 5: The Thought Card; Travel and Finance w/Danielle Desir


Meet Danielle Desir, a traveler and blogger with a knack for financial planning. Her blog, The Thought Card, is where she shares creative planning strategies, saving tips and cheap flight deals. She is very transparent about her own journey to financial independence, even talking about her student loan repayment journey which allows her to encourage others to be wise about managing their finances while achieving their own personal travel goals.

Danielle shares that she started traveling at a young age, spending time with her grandparents in Haiti. But she fell in love with travel when she took a solo trip to France as a young adult. She navigated the streets of Paris with a map and no French language skills, and just explored the city while discovering more about herself and learning to trust herself as a solo traveler.

Having traveled to 20 countries on 3 continents, she shares that Iceland has been a favorite location, with its rugged landscape, abundance of adventures, and opportunity for awesome photography.

Listen in as we chat more about her travels, her blog, financial advice for travelers, and how her trip to Iceland provided a surprising emotional moment. She also shares a bit about her short stint as a professional dancer and how she balances travel and a full-time work schedule.

To learn more about Danielle, be sure to visit her blog, The Thought Card.
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