Ep 0: Intro: I’m baaaaaack!

Hello All!
Welcome to the home of my new podcast, the wedontsitoncouches experience. I’m so thrilled to be back to podcasting and sharing my love of travel and adventure on the airwaves.

If you’re familiar with my travel blog you know that I have been sharing my travels for a little over three years now. My original goal was simply to have a way to show my friends and family where I was traveling and what I was experiencing while traipsing around the world. But the simple phrase, (originally just a hashtag)  #wedontsitoncouches, quickly caught on and I found that it became something of a life motto, a catchphrase for myself. For me it wasn’t just about travel, it was about grabbing life by the horns, living fully in the face of fear (#fearisstupid), and making every attempt to live out the dreams and visions that God had placed on the inside of me. Those dreams are not just about travel and discovering the world. Those dreams are also about being an artist and successful Broadway actor and singer.

I have been living and working in and out of NYC for about 10 years and I have been a professional actor and singer, (dancer if you need me to be💃🏾😜) for 14 years. Wow! When I write that out it sounds crazy! But that has been my life. As a professional artist, I am required to travel. If you know any performers or artists, you know that we go where the gig takes us. For me, that has been all over the world, literally. I have performed on cruise ships in the Mediterranean, small theaters throughout the U.S. and large theaters as a cast member with Disney’s The Lion King. My career has taken me from Barcelona to Broadway and back. I consider myself so blessed that two things that I enjoy so much, performing and travelling, have fed one another in my life and career.

SO, this podcast will not just be about sharing travel. It will also be about sharing my life as an actor and artist. You’ll hear from other travellers and adventurers as well as other actors and artists. It’s going to be a great time and I hope you’ll enjoy what I have to share.

I love a good conversation so if you have a question that you’d like me to answer on the show feel free to send it my way. I can’t wait to share these conversations with you! In the meantime hop over to wedontsitoncouches.com and check out what I’ve been up to. You can also find me on FacebookInstagram, iTunes, on a plane, floating in the sea, or in a theatre near you! There’s so much to share and I can’t wait!

As I always say to my listeners, remember that #fearisstupid. So get out in the world and #livelovegodobe. That’s #wedontsitoncouches!

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